Things We’re Looking Forward to Back Home

**These are not in any order of importance.

– A nice long soak in the jacuzzi. It’s freakin’ cold here!

– Extra sharp cheddar cheese.

– Having a dryer. I want some nice, warm, and dry clean clothes.

– Meat other than beef. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve got some darn good beef here, but that’s really all they have.

– Family, friends, and pets. It’s really hard being on the other side of the world, although I really like SKYPE!

– Warm(er) and drier weather… here we come summer!

– Kitchen utensils that work!

– Body wash. Yeah, they don’t really have that here.

– Quiet and natural places. It’s a bit hard to bond with nature in the middle of a city without transportation.

– A wider variety of food and food ingredients. I could really dig some pannang curry right now and I could use some spice in my food.

– English. Although we learned a lot of spanish and can communicate here, there’s nothing like the native tongue.

– Debit and credit cards. Much easier than carrying cash everywhere and easier to track expenditures.

– Recycling!