Meet the Crew

Hey, I’m Miranda, but a lot of people just call me Randi. I’ll answer to either. Here’s who I am in five lovely sentences:

  1. I’m currently unemployed, but pursuing creative endeavors like writing a book, doing some art, and finishing all those endless home improvement projects.
  2. I taught biology and environmental science at a high school for eight years and I love education, maybe just not in the traditional way.
  3. I love science and running.
  4. I’ve been in Georgia for fifteen years, but I’ll always be a California beach girl at heart.
  5. I grew up on a sailboat.

1 thought on “Meet the Crew

  1. What a great adventure you have embarked upon! I envy you your age! Thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you like the adventure that you will find there! B

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